Culture, Feasts & Events

Malta & Gozo is filled with feasts around the year to indulge. Eat like a local while experiencing spectacular fireworks, live music, theatre, opera or an island transforming into a spectacular show for Carnival.

Summer Feast

Experience the magic of Gozo's festa season! Starting in May, each week of summer celebrates a vibrant local feast. Picture this: Sun, sea, and lively village squares, bustling with fireworks, band marches, and ornate churches honoring patron saints. Savor local cuisine amid the joyful chaos of music and community spirit.

Don't miss the cultural highlights! The Victoria International Arts Festival dazzles with world-class performances every June and July, captivating music lovers. For jazz aficionados, the annual Jazz Festival at Mgarr harbour is a must, while the Qala International Folk Festival brings global rhythms to life. As dusk settles, find a square under the stars where every night is a festive encounter. Dive into Gozo's festive heart where tradition and celebration meet under the Mediterranean sky.

Easter Time

This season for Gozitans is about Easter, as the religious festivities connected with the Holy Week occur during this season. Live reenactments portraying the passion of Christ take place all around Gozo, with exhibitions highlighting the original Passover, including the last supper of Christ, mixed with a touch of local traditions and folklore.

Easter Sunday is a true celebration. The joyful peeling of bells and band marches accompany several processions with the risen Christ. People share the traditional “Figolli” they would have prepared days before. Spring is also about music, with the full calendar of the Gaulitana Music Festival, an established event for music and culture lovers. The festival features a series of concerts set against the backdrop of several beautiful locations around Gozo.

Autumn is the new Spring

If you would like to enjoy cultural life in its entirety, Gozo is definitely the place to be in Autumn. Cultural life is in full swing during this season. Three of the main cultural events on the island take place during Autumn. The two main opera theatres in Victoria (the Astra and Aurora opera theatres) hold two operas during October as vital cultural events in Gozo.

November also sees the staging of the Festival Mediterranea, which like the operas, has become an established event in Gozo’s cultural calendar. The festival is organised annually by the Astra Theatre in Victoria. The festival uncovers Gozo’s facets, including classical and symphonic music, archaeology, history, folklore and cuisine. As a showpiece by its organisers, “Festival Mediterranea unveils Gozo as a mosaic of Mediterranean civilisation, heritage and art. It is indeed a showpiece of a hundred things of our own, an opportunity for a break from the routine of conventional life, a chance to immerse oneself in the mellow world of Gozo’s Autumn and explore and live the cultural tradition; of its 7000 years of history.

Winter Wonders

Winter on this vibrant island bursts with festive spirit, far from the dull chill elsewhere. Christmas in Gozo is a spectacle of local traditions, with villages showcasing live nativity scenes and traditional crafts. Għajnsielem transforms into a bustling biblical setting, reviving long-lost customs that enchant visitors.

Come February, the island sheds its solemnity for the wild fun of Carnival. Each village adds its own twist, breaking the winter silence with lively dances, humorous sketches, and vivid parades featuring costumes and floats. Nadur’s spontaneous Carnival, known for its boundless creativity, draws crowds from across Gozo. Revelers disguise themselves, embracing the carnival’s atmosphere of dance, music, and imagination. Over the past two decades, Gozo’s Carnival has evolved into a major attraction, celebrated for its unique and exhilarating festivities that showcase the island’s diverse culture.